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Assistance with your running goals by Roger Alsop.

Roger has been running since 1989, during which time he has won many National titles as well as representing his country and is a fully qualified Run Leader and Walk Leader and is qualified to level 1 Coaching of Athletics.

I'm still an active athlete training twice a day, when possible, but I do find time to run with clients, though this is limited to only a few sessions a week.

Running alongside my clients I can them work on their form, their breathing and their motivation, as well as pushing them further than they might push themselves.

I also provide bespoke training packages, four weeks of training scheduled at a time, revised as necessary on a needs must basis.

I've also been involved with the testing of new products, for Ronhill and Hilly Clothing Company and have been interviewed on a number of occasions for articles appearing in national newspapers and magazines.  
Whatever your running goals, Roger can help.