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Since running with Rog I have been able to achieve much better results than I had previously – this is all down to the fact that he is excellent at judging an individual’s potentiality and working with it.

He has helped me on every point prior to a race and I have always put his advice into practice, with amazing results.

He is very enthusiastic about his work and is good fun to be with, encouraging every step of the way particularly when the going gets tough.

I have received good comments about my technique and style – which is all due to his expertise.

I would highly recommend him as a personal trainer.

Athlete, Cheshire

I recently completed a couple of months of training with Roger whilst visiting family in Cheshire. I regularly go to the gym when I'm at home and train once a week with a personal trainer. I wanted to maintain my fitness whilst I was away, which I have certainly achieved. In addition I have also learnt a lot of new training techniques which I will incorporate into my future work outs. The training sessions were challenging, motivating and offered a variety of exercises from session to session. The combination of cardio and resistance training gave an excellent full body workout. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Roger to anyone, his level of knowledge and commitment to making you the best you can be is a great motivation to reach your fitness goals.
Jo, Brisbane, Australia 
In early May I partially ruptured my Achilles' tendon. Prior to the injury I had tried to stay in shape through some gym work and cycling. I didn't want to just sit around losing my fitness, so I arranged for a taster session with Roger Alsop. This led to me booking three sessions a week ongoing. Roger's a great Trainer, he understands my injury and tailors a dynamic exercise regime around it. I was surprised how much fitness I was able to retain, and as my tendon slowly repairs Roger has increased the intensity of my workouts accordingly. He's been a real 'life saver', so much so that I'm going to continue my training sessions with Roger after I return to full fitness. Can't recommend this guy highly enough.
Rick, Knutsford
Roger, I would like to say how much I have enjoyed the sessions since we started back in January. Since starting training with you I have noticed a marked change in my fitness and body shape.I look forward to continuing with our sessions and maintaining an increased level of fitness.
Mark, Knutsford
Roger, what can I say! Yesterday was brilliant. The feedback was great from the group and obviously we have you booked for more sessions so result!!

Thank you so much for a truly invigorating session!
Sandbach Round Table
I have been working with Roger for a few months on a one on one basis and for the first time in years I have felt that my gym sessions are having a real  effect. The complexity and variety of the exercises has given me a new enthusiasm for going to the gym.
Alec, Knutsford
Following a long spell out of training, I started working with Roger about 6 months ago.  I was fairly unfit and to make matters more complicated, had an issue with heart rhythm that made heavy training very difficult. 

Over the period I have trained with Roger, he has continually adapted my training regime keeping it challenging whilst working within the constraints of my heart rhythm issues. My strength and stamina are hugely improved but most importantly for me, my increased fitness has meant that I am not suffering from abnormal heart rhythm even when training very hard.

Roger is a patient, motivational, empathetic and highly knowledgable Personal Trainer.  He will adapt training to ensure your personal goals are achieved.
Brian, Knutsford
Roger has an exceptional ability to translate what the client requires into what he needs. He listens and varies the exercises so that training does not become monotonous.
His experience and maturity enables him to know just how far to stretch a client. I feel that he is the best trainer I have ever had. His encouragement has changed my life and my fitness for the better.
David, Knutsford
Well, what can I say, I have been training with Roger for just over a year now, I only meant to do a 3-6 month stint with a personal trainer but here I am still after a year and that is all down to Roger!
Roger is very easy to work with and very relaxed in his approach but at the same time still quite a task master when he knows you are not putting in the effort that you need to.
He is a conscientious trainer and is genuinely interested in improving your fitness and takes each client as an individual rather than just going through the motions with a set work-out for all.
I hate the idea of working out especially at 8am in the morning and wouldn't do it at all if it wasn't for him!!!
I was putting on weight slowly but consistently and even attempting to diet didn't seem to make much difference or keep it off or even stabilise and I knew I had to take control and do something about it, before it got too late. I tried the gym and although years ago (in my youth) I did go to the gym at least 4 times a week and quite enjoyed it, when I re-joined 2 years ago I hated it and couldn't organise myself to get there as I really couldn't face going.
My fitness level has improved a lot whilst training with Roger and I have changed my shape, I started to train with Roger with the idea to loose weight which was and still is extremely hard with my hectic lifestyle but I realise now it is more a case of improving my fitness level and the rest follows with a little hard work.
Roger helps me maintain a healthy weight and keep the flab at bay but without having to live my life on a diet or without my beloved wine, he makes the sessions entertaining and we have quite a good laugh whilst doing them. I would highly recommend Roger, especially if you're like me and find it easy to talk yourself out of going to the gym.
I feel a lot fitter and healthier thanks to Roger and don't have anywhere as much flab wobbling around as I used to!!!
Client, Knutsford 
Roger has been my running coach for over 12 months now and I have seen massive improvements in not only my PB's but also my running technique.  He has trained me for 10k races and also marathons.  His sessions are hard but rewarding and I always feel like I get something out of them.  He keeps me motivated when its tough to keep going and is supportive of my goals.
Katy, Alsager
After a number of years attending a gym without achieving real progress I decided to try working with a personal trainer. Unfortunately, this proved to be a disaster as, although it was initially helpful, the training
programmes became repetitive, boring and finally expensive due to the trainer walking away with some of my prepaid session money! After this kind of experience Roger was to be my last ditch attempt at making progress by working with personal trainers. Happily, it has proved to be a success and my training continues. I have worked with Roger for the past two and a half years and have found him to be trustworthy, reliable, supportive and a patient, good humoured and well informed teacher of new skills. He has seen me through various health problems and adapted his sessions in interesting ways to enable me to continue to make progress. As a woman who has just retired I find that exercise is still an important part of my lifestyle and I'm sure contributes to my improved health, as it also has to an almost three stone weight loss.  I take great pleasure in my continuing progress and achieving the goals set by Roger, fun runs being next on my agenda. Whatever your goals I would heartily recommend working with Roger in order to support and
motivate you to achieve them.
Sylvia, Cheshire
"Thought about all your tips as I ran and just knocked it off one mile at a time. Couldn't have done it without you"
Izzy, Knutsford, after completing the Great North Run. 
"I have known Roger since I used to run at the same running club (Belgrave Harriers) with him many years ago and I can safely say he is the most dedicated and committed individual I have ever met when it comes to his training and helping others. Even though I was much slower than Roger he was always very encouraging and offered many tips in my training.
I moved to Australia a few years ago and was struggling with my training here in Australia and so Roger created a rolling program for me in order to get me back into running competitively and to improve the quality of my running.
It was a huge challenge especially with Roger not physically being at my training but it worked really well. Roger was very thorough in his assessment of my state of fitness as well as giving me a program that I would find challenging but achievable. Since working with Roger I have been really motivated to get back into my running, have run a fair few races and really started to improve on my fitness and my times.
I would heartily recommend anyone to use Roger's services if serious about changing their lifestyle and incorporating exercise into their lives and also to get to the next level in training."
Zoe, Brisbane, Australia 
"I've always run or cycled but I've never been anything special at either discipline. I decided to
change that just over a year ago and started to train more frequently and to mix in more "sessions".
After six months of trying to be my own coach I realised that I needed some guidance from somebody
with more experience and knowledge so I contacted Roger; whom I'd met at a race when I was just
starting to train seriously.
I was immediately impressed with Roger's commitment and knowledge. I booked 12 sessions with Roger
and he worked out how those sessions would progress. He also made some predictions about how my
results would improve and how fast I'd be running intervals but, to be honest, I thought that he was being
very optimistic. The end of the first group of sessions coincided with a chance to put everything to the
test: Wilmslow Half Marathon. My best half marathon time for the previous year was 2:12 and I was pretty
happy with that so you can imagine how pleased I was to knock 20 minutes off to finish in 1:52. Four
weeks later at Chester I knocked another 10 minutes off for a new PB of 1:42.
Roger's knowledge of training theory and exercise physiology is extensive and he uses it to great
effect in working out programmes geared towards each client's specific goals. During the workout
he is a good motivator; always getting more than you thought you could give. Roger continues to
monitor training outside of the sessions so he's always aware of my condition. He also keeps a
close watch on my racing calendar, generally sending a pre-race SMS and some post-race discussion.
One example of Roger exceeding expectation is how he did a lot of research into swimming theory so
that he could ensure my training was spot on when I started to work towards my first Triathlon.
In summary I'd be happy to recommend Roger to anybody that wants a personal trainer. I feel that he
does everything expected and then goes beyond that."
Ray, Northwich
"Having had personal trainers in the past from some well-known gyms I wanted to find a

trainer that has both experience and grounding in the real world. I found it in Roger. My last

trainer was in his 20’s and lived in the gym. Asking a 35-year-old overweight bloke to do

some of the things I was asked to do was neigh on impossible and frustrating for me. I was

asked to go on fad, protein only diets, which just didn’t work for my family or me. I became

disillusioned with the benefits of personal training.


However with Roger, I have found it’s no nonsense. I am not on diets that don’t work for me

in fact I am not on any diet – just sensible eating. I am training at a level which takes into

account my personal ability and also that I have responsibilities as the principle earner in my

household and 2 young children.


That’s not to say that Roger doesn’t push you. Believe me he does. But I always find an

encouragement behind it all. A “willing me on” to get into the shape I want to be in. Over the

few months I have been working with Roger I have lost weight but more importantly have got back

my enthusiasm for working out.


There have been times where I have struggled. With being a family man things happen –

unexpected stresses, lack of sleep etc. But not once has Roger made me feel bad about

what I can’t do. Rather he has focused on how much I have done and the positive aspects of

my training. Exercises I have been struggling with have been changed to suit me. Of course

he throws in a challenge every now and again however it’s never too much. In fact I look

forward to the little sojourns.


This has really encouraged me. I found running particularly a hard thing to do. However

just this week I started running with Roger and I found it so much easier than before. In fact

off the back of his session I decided to regularly start cycling to and from work (9 miles each

way). And I am hoping to build up enough stamina to regularly run every day.


The important lesson from Roger’s training I have learnt is to relax and enjoy what I am doing.

And that sums up Roger’s training.


Incredibly hard work, challenging, encouraging but most of all relaxed."
Matthew, Eaton
"I first started training with Roger in January 2010 and quickly realised his skills and personal experience make him an outstanding personal trainer. Each of the sessions he takes are carefully thought out and varied which makes training enjoyable, challenging and suitable for all abilities. My profession requires a high level of physical fitness, but due to the nature of the job, finding the time and suitable facilities can be very challenging. Roger’s creativity and advice has shown me how to make the most of very limited resources to maximum effect. I would highly recommend Roger Alsop to anybody looking for advice on their training program, or to the newcomer looking for help with starting out."
Corporal, Parachute Regiment
"I have only been training with rog for 3 months so far. However, I feel my overall fitness, knowledge and running technique has improved a lot since I have been trained by rog and attended the run with rog sessions. Originally I started too lose abit of weight. However, I have really enjoyed these sessions and now due to these sessions see running as a hobbie; whilst still achieving my weight goal."

Simon, Crewe

“I always enjoy the “Run With Rog” training sessions, although due to work commitments I can’t attend as many as I’d like to. Every session is varied and I don’t think I’ve done the same one twice. Rog is a very motivating coach and he is really interested in his clients and their goals. I’d recommend anyone who’s looking to improve their running and/or level of CV fitness to contact him.”

Mark, Nantwich
"Your advice was really helpful on posture, etc. Thought about it a lot so thanks"
Graham, Scotland, on achieving a 10k pb after training with Roger
After having my children I decided to join the gym to lose weight I had put on over the years. I had some personal training sessions with Roger. I have always enjoyed running in the past and Roger helped in building my confidence to take it up again. He gave helpful tip on how to start and gradually push myself further. Roger understood my level and ability; he was encouraging, reassuring and positive. The use of the foam roller to release tension in the muscles has been useful both before and after training. I most defiantly will be booking more training sessions. 
Sanjeeta, Crewe