What does it cost to train with Rog?
That very much depends on what your needs are.
My basic rate for a 1:1 Personal Training session is £35 an hour, but if you don't need an hour then you'll be charged less. I'm always keen to give clients the right session for their goals and I'll happily tell a client they shouldn't do an hour if I feel I'm not getting the best out of them for that period of time. (Note: for sessions less than an hour long, they would need to be carried out at my personal gym). But also a way to cut down the cost is to pay for a block in advance, bulk buying brings down the cost. Another way to cut costs is to share the cost with someone else or a group.
Why not contact me to discuss your goals and we can work out what sort of training would best suit you and what price plan interests you.
I carry out:
Personal Training
Group Training
Running/Coaching/Training Schedules
Nutritional advice is considered part of this service, but if you require menu planning or a greater emphasis on your nutrition then I would charge for this.
Motivation: - you can't get better motivation than from somebody who is both highly motivated and successful at sport. As part of the training you will be given advice on how to approach your event in order to achieve your goals.