Roger's Clients

Roger has been coaching running since 2008 and Personal Training since 2009. Since this time he has helped hundreds of clients on their fitness journey. Some clients just want an occasional helping hand and others are long term regular clients, but all benefit from Roger's knowledgeable and fun training sessions. Hard work is involved, but no harder than each client is capable of as Roger tunes each session to the specific requirements and abilities of each client.
Roger's clients cover all ages, the oldest being 76, and with varying goals. Roger caters for sports specific clients, weight loss, rehabilitating clients and those who just want to reshape their bodies naturally. 
Clients have included: Members of 2 Para, ex-Marines and military cadets,
                                Tri-athletes and runners, including working with Lee Riley in his successful attempt to break the World Record for running a marathon whilst carrying a 40lb pack.
                                Clients in their later years, who find his gentle persuasive and encouraging approach to their liking, as well as people starting out their fitness journey. 

Whether you are highly motivated and already experienced or new to exercise, unsure of what to do and how to gain motivation, Roger can help you. Contact Roger for all your Personal Training needs.