Session List

1:2:1 Personal Training:
You receive the exclusive attention of Roger during a work out that has been created, specifically, to meet your goal/s. Roger will guide you through every aspect of the session, ensuring you complete it safely and effectively. At the same time Roger will be offering motivational support, as well as advice regarding current/future activities and on your nutrition. Using a variety of activities, cardio, weights, kettlebells, stability equipment and a growing list of other tools, Roger aims to provide variety and fun in his well thought out sessions.

Training Schedules:
Roger will produce a specific training schedule, specific to you and your goals. Roger will need to understand your current fitness level and your goals, he can then provide you with a detailed programme for the next 4 weeks. The help doesn't stop there as Roger is available to tweak the programme should circumstances change.
Roger is currently providing schedules for Lee Riley's world record attempt at running the London Marathon carrying a 40lb pack and for a 10k runner in Australia.
Group Personal Training:
Well thought out sessions created to meet the goal/s of a group of likeminded clients. A great way to share the pain, motivation and cost of a fitness session led by an expert in his field. Roger offers clear demonstrations, support and motivation, plus as much individual attention as can be afforded in a group setting.
(Note: if you'd like to do Group PT but don't know anyone to share with, just e-mail Roger and he'll try to sort something suitable out for you)
Run with Rog:
A series of group running sessions. Roger sets the session, dependent on the mix of the group, to ensure everybody benefits and has fun. All abilities are catered for, from beginners to International standard athletes. Contact Roger to discuss your requirements prior to your first session. Roger is always looking for new places to set up new Run with Rog sessions.
Currently sessions are held:
Beginners Group - Northwich, Kingsmead Medical Centre - 10 week course every Weds 13:00, starting 18 April. 
Boot Camps:
More group sessions featuring a number of body weight and cardio exercises, running continuously to give you a maximum fitness boost.
Currently sessions are held:
Interested in this kind of session and have like minded friends, contact Roger and he'll set one up.
Nordic Walking:
Like the running groups this is an ideal opportunity to gain fitness in a group environment. You will gain a full body workout with the use of Nordic walking poles. For those who want to try something different, don't fancy running or are not able to run.  

After Dinner Motivational Speaking:
Talks are based upon Roger's experience as a runner and coach. Roger will impart advice on how to run safely and effectively and how anyone can reach their potential with the right training and the right attitude. Roger will also speak about some of the more interesting sessions and races he's taken part in and some of the interesting athletes he's had the pleasure to train with or compete against. Find out what makes a team successful with tales of Roger's involvement at Belgrave Harriers and Herne Hill Harriers.